Saturday, 7 June 2014

Copy Cat Skebanga's Pizza

Whenever we go on holiday to the beautiful Cape, we always try to find this wonderful little gem of a pub called Skebangas. You will find it located upstairs from The Red Herring restaurant in Noordhoek. Skebangas has the most charming, warm and friendly ‘locals’ feel to it, stunning views, great food and beer, and there is usually at least one dog and/or cat sunning themselves out on the deck, which makes the crazy cat lady in me happy! The pub was actually named after one of the very first locals in the pub, a whiskey drinking Jack Russell dog, who spent most of his time there. 

When we were last there, I ordered a delicious pizza called Skebangas pizza. It was light, tasty and more-ish! I just had to have this pizza more often, but living over a thousand kilometres away in KwaZulu Natal, I could not just dash over whenever I felt like this delicious pizza, so my copy cat version was born. I think it is too good not to share....I am hoping you think so too and that I don't have super weird taste buds or something! So here goes…

Wholewheat pita bread (I had a pack of 6 – I only used 3 and popped the rest in the freezer for the next batch!)

Olive oil to brush the pitas with

Garlic cloves, 2-3 (according to your taste)

Baby spinach (I had a 500 g bag and used what was left to make a salad to eat with the pizzas)

A jar of whole peppadews, mild ones (you will have lots left over – pop them in the fridge for the next time you feel like this pizza)

Feta cheese (I used  low fat, but feel free to use the yummy goodness of full fat feta or better still... I wonder how delicious buffalo mozzarella might be instead….or as well? Please let me know how it turns out if you give it a try!)

1.   Warm the pita breads briefly in the microwave/oven according to the packet instructions. Halve the pita breads horizontally, so that you end up with 6 pita ‘pizza’ bases. NOTE: from here it is best to assemble the pita pizzas on the oven wire rack that you are going to grill them on….I did not do this (as you can see in the photos) and trying to put them on after all the delicious ingredients are piled on gets a bit messy, so trust me…assemble them on the rack you are going to put in the oven - you'll thank me later.

2.   Brush the pita halves with olive oil. Chop the garlic finely and sprinkle over the pitas.
3.  Wash the baby spinach leaves and arrange them on the pita halves. My ‘baby’ spinach leaves were not so ‘baby’ so I tore them into smaller pieces.

4.  Roughly chop the peppadews and sprinkle them over the baby spinach. Even the mild ones can be a little hot, so add these according to your taste. I love the flavour of peppadews and I am trying to train my taste buds to eat hotter food, so I went to town with these spicy little numbers!

5.   Now to add the feta (and/or the buffalo mozzarella if you’re keen to try it). I just broke the feta up into pieces and scattered it over the pitas. Does that not look good to eat already?

6.  Place the pita pizzas onto an oven proof rack (if you haven’t already!) and grill in the oven until the feta has melted slightly and the spinach has wilted.

7.    And you're done! Time to enjoy!

Well, I hope you enjoy making these and of course eating them, as much as I did! I would love to hear how yours turned out. And if you ever get the opportunity to visit Skebangas and Noordhoek, don't hesitate! Both are gems in my book. The beach is like heaven on earth, would you not agree?

Keep smiling!


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