Friday, 6 June 2014

Bandanna Bib

So my little guy (isn't he gorgeous?) has been drooling for months now. With all his drooling and eating solid food, I am forever running out of bibs. Which is what led me to try making one of these wonderful bandanna bibs that I saw over at the Purl Bee. It is a free (Yippee!) tutorial that is really easy to follow, so there was no excuse to not give one of these cute bibs a try ;)

I used a lightweight denim for the top layer and some blue ladybug track suiting for the lining (Yes, I know ladybugs are not exactly typical 'boy' print, but they are blue!). I found both in my stash of scraps and so my apologies, but I have no idea what the brands of fabric are - they have been in my stash for probably 15 years!! (I worked for 14 years (if I remember correctly) at my (now) mom-in-laws haberdashery shop whilst I was studying and I acquired quite a collection of fabric.... What sane person wouldn't, being surrounded by gorgeous fabric every time they were at work? I honestly used to work to just buy fabric in the shop ;) And of course for the great customers who loved doing exactly what I liked doing - Sewing and having a fat chat!)
My fabric choices for this bib were not ideal from a practical point. I think they look amazing together and they feel amazing, and definitely keep Bumps chest dry from drool, but unfortunately they make the bib quite thick and stiff, so it kept riding up over the bottom of his chin The next one I make, I will use 100% cotton for both layers and see how that works. I’ll let you know how it goes! Hopefully he will still look as cool and cute as he does in this one! I am not at all biased hey?

I would love to see how your bandanna bibs turn out if you stitch any up. I think they would make really quick and stunning baby shower gifts!

Keep smiling,


  1. Love your blog! Your little man is very cute!

  2. Your little guy is very charming and the bandanna bib he is wearing is nice. He looks more attractive when he smile.