Saturday, 21 June 2014

Are you brave enough to cut your own hair?

I just love HowtoHairGirl's blog! After finding the 'Shampree' post that I blogged about here and after trying it out, I discovered her post '5 DIY haircuts to try today'  and of course I just had to try! The photo of me in this post is actually about a week after cutting my hair like DIY haircut 3, described as 'Long layers with pretty face framing' on the blog. 

I could not get over how easy this was to do! And I love how it looks! It doesn't look as fabulous as my hairdresser would have gotten it, but there was something so satisfying about cutting my own hair! My hair unfortunately has a mind of it's own - it cannot decide if it wants to be straight and flat or wild and curly...It took me blow drying AND straightening to get my hair to look semi-decent. I love the layering around my face, but I think all the layering around the back may start to get a bit too labour-intensive for me, so now I am wishing I had found a way to just layer the front and keep the back straight and unlayered. I am thinking of trying DIY haircut 5, the mid-length layered bob next...What do you think? I will keep you posted if I get brave enough to try...

Hope you have a great day! Keep smiling,

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