Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Easy peasy girls skirt

KCWC day one:
So I am super impressed with myself! I actually finished the little girls skirt I spoke about in this post! I am very good at starting sewing projects but not that good at finishing them all the time! Well to be fair to myself, it is usually only when something goes wrong that I don't finish...it will get scrunched up and thrown in the cupboard to be finished at a later date when I am less likely to take a pair of scissors to it in frustration! I was following a drawstring skirt tutorial from Melly Sews and got frustrated trying to make a buttonhole for the drawstring on my machine (for some reason it was stitching horribly!!) so instead of my usual stunt of throwing it in the cupboard I took a time out with a cup of rooibos tea and then decided to scrap the drawstring idea and just elasticate the whole skirt. I love how it turned out. It was a super easy (free!!!) pattern/tutorial to follow and the bonus is that the sizes go from a 2T to a 16 year old! Fabulous! I only wish I would get to see it on the little girl that I made it for. I made it to put into my Santa Shoebox for a little 2 year old girl called Lihle. It is such a wonderful, worthwhile cause and such fun to do! I will post about the project and the shoe boxes that we did as a family this year soon! But for now, time for some much needed sleep!

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